Hi, I'm Jonathan.

I founded Rebel Minds and spent the last few years running that. Before that I co-founded PowerMeeter, Osmoda and It's Rude To Stare.

I've almost exclusively lived out of Airbnb's and hotels for the past few years, but am primarily based between my favourite cities - London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and San Francisco

Skipping back a dozen years, I started out at the age of 10 by running a little network of sweet vending machines which I called magivend.

At the age of 12 I had 32 machines, and by ~13 I'd become a little bored with it, so I took the next logical step and bought myself a tyre sealant franchise, which I called magityre. Then I renamed it to nopunctures. Because, magityre?!

The tyre sealant business is a pretty restrictive one, and although I made my investment back, I quickly gave up on it ~9 months later. The need to be face-to-face with businesses as a 13 year old was difficult; and although I'd managed to gain two bricks-and-mortar (car repair shops) business clients, most of the income was coming from marketing and selling DIY puncture-proofing kits online.

01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110100 01100101 01110010 01101110 01100101 01110100 00100001 (that's "hello internet!" in binary)...

... I then stopped school at 14, and started taking apart websites and learning how they worked, and went on to spend two years of countless sleepless nights building CaribGo, which was to be a revolutionary webmail client.

I became the youngest person to attend the Open University at the age of 14 under a special arrangement.. but wasn't allowed to ever meet my tutors as their staff weren't vetted for being near under-18's. I was a university student of robotics (fun!) from the age of 14-16 to satisfy the UK's requirement of compulsory education until 16; but only spent maybe two weeks of those two years actually preparing for the exams. I was too busy with the internet!

At 16 I moved away from home, and a few months later acquired a watersports business in Barbados and re-branded it as CaribAtlantic, which I ran for a few months before realising my passion lay in Internet.

By this time, I'd gained some great contacts online, and spent the next few years travelling and building things for clients like Barclays Bank, General Motors, and Oxfam -- none of course knew my age; it was my most closely guarded secret (of course I'd have told them if they ever asked).

I was ultimately beaten to the new wave of webmail by Gmail, and CaribGo never launched. I went on to Co-Found ProfileBuilder in the US at 17, and continued consulting for corporates in the US, UK and Israel over the next few years.

You can reach me at jon jonathanfren.com